100 Patterns of Death is alive. Yey!


Now in Early Access!

Hello dear fellows hardcore gamers. That escalated quickly. Of course, with the confinment stuff I am alone at home, and with my hatred towards social networks, all I have to do is developing games. Haha! Of course, since I have nothing else to fill my days, the development of 100 Patterns Of Death went really fast, with no resting time.

Are you hardcore enough?

Soooo I teamed up with people last week-end ad won a game jam. Afterwards, I made this sweet little game for fans of Super Hexagon. You know, I am super happy about that game and I have plans to improve it. I hope you'll enjoy this as well, or maybe you will ragequit?


I plan to send this game on Steam. But actually, I have to do the boring phase of Community Management and update my websites. I hate this part of the job. I know my place in the video game industry : I am a developer, not a social fox. I know how my communication skills can be limited, especially on the jungle of the internet.


Oh, here is the trailer!


100-patterns-of-death-windows.zip 52 MB
Version 3 29 days ago
100-patterns-of-death-windows.zip 52 MB
Version 1 33 days ago

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