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Hi everyone!

So, first things first: I don't think the actual version of Last Neko will be updated. The game has been made for a game jam, and I don't want to break the rules of what a game jam is supposed to. Maybe I'll do a revamp one day! And if I do, this revamp won't be rushed since I won't have to run out of time! About the stuff I have to fix about Last Neko, the most obvious one is the difficulty. Too high. I could even make a difficulty settings since I'll have more time.

So, what I am working at right now?

First things first, don't worry! I am still crafting games. This time, I am about to make a beat'em up. I am still working on the prototype, so the fate of the project is yet to be announced. Good new, things are actually working pretty the right way. Since I am a musician, I am crafting the music all alone. And guess what? I will do a transition to the 16-bits era! Yep! I have grown up with a MegaDrive, so expect more defined graphics and new musics!

Here is the last music I did!

I try different ways to work. You know,when I was making Last Neko, I was running out of time, I had to do a lot of maths in a very few time, so my health has been messed up. Concerning the beat'em up I am working at, I plan to take my time. I try to enjoy my work while I am doing it, and not just enjoying my work once I have done it.

Well, that's all i can say for now, so soo you later everyone! No release date announced for this project, maybe 2020 if things dare to work correctly!


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