Added 3 tracks, now there are 11 tracks!

Yey, an update!

Hello everyone! First things first, the music pack has been updated. It started with 6 tracks, here is the second update, now there are a total of 11 tracks out of 15, which is the planned goal!

If you already purchased the pack before!

It should be updated automatically on the app.
If you downloaded it from your web browser, you just have to download it again!

Preview of one of the newcomer!

About the 21DaysOfVGM challenge.

I hope you all had a better winter break than mine. Even if I love winter, I have some difficulties to deal with my mood swings and my inner violence. Let's just say music composition isn a way for me to exorcice this violence stuck in me. That's the reason why I can at least promise my tracks will be punchy and groovy.

Now, what's the21DaysOfVGM challenge? Well, for Video Game Composers such as me, this is a challenge held every 3 monthes where we have to make a music track per day during 21 days straight. As a consequence, I plan to finish the MegaDrive project pack during this challenge and to start a newer one n the midtime! Yey!

Cheers everyone!

Franck for Frelon-K Games

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