Goal reached! 15 tracks for your game!

Hello everyone!

Dear indie devs and music lovers, I have a great new! My audio asset pack, "MegaDrive Music Pack", is not in Early Access anymore! The pack consists now of15 tracks crafted with love by myself!

So what's up next?

Actually, I am taking the "21 Days of VGM" challenge, a popular challenge held by VGM Academy on Twitter. I am still on the track, so this is not impossible I'll make additional MegaDrive tracks and add them to the actual pack. Of course, as promised, it won't be a DLC. You pay only once, you'll get the future updates for free, for this first pack.

And about me?

There were only 6 tracks in the first version of the pack. Actually, I started as a developer, but I realized I am way more skilled with music composition than to game development. That's the reason why I decided, as a good resolution for 2020, to invest more time in music composition than to tweaking game engines.

I'm pretty happy this first paid pack is now finished. Thanks to the ones who trusted me and bought this pack during the Winter Sale, thought it was incomplete. I'm pretty excited for the future, now I will just take a well-deserved break!

Cheers everyone!

Frelon-K Games


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