Update! Added 5 new tracks, now there are 20!

It was an intense Global Game Jam!

I took part of the Global Game Jam at E-ArtSup, in Lyon, France! We were a team of 6 and we made a short MetroidVania! Yeyeyey!

But enough of the soft talk, here are the 5 music I am talking about! As you can see, these tracks are way more happy than the 15 other ones. Seriously, the MegaDrive Music Pack lacked of positive vibes!

Those who have purchased the MegaDrive Music Pack or will purchase it in the future will have access to a new Bonus Pack, consisting of 5 files, in .wav format. As usual, these 5 tracks are loopable and seamless.

16. Awakening
17. Walk, Little Robot
18. Mechanic Utopia
19. I Miss Those Days
20. Good Ending (Awakening II)


Franck for Frelon-K Games


MegaDrive Music Pack - Free samples 24 MB
Version 1 Jan 12, 2020

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