Nope, NekoPunk is not abandoned!

Hello everyone!

Just to say something great : NekoPunk is still under development and goes well! No pictures actually, but for the devlog, I made some QoL improvements, for the feature not included in the demo : the upgrade cards!

Now, for the off-topic : I made a real PC gamer. Until now, I used to work with slow PCs, it was quite a shame. To top it off, i restarted my day job. I know i'm not made for being a web developer but I'm made for being a NekoPunk working in the video game industry. Sooooo yep I git gud hard. I take the experience I have to take then I'll take my first step as a professional ^_^.

I develop nekoPunk on my free time, that means whenever I can. I would like to work full time on this project, but one needs to eat, sleep and pay his rent. Git gud git gud!

Oh, just so you know : I am still crafting music, here is my last one !


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