Last Update : May 31st 2019

Hey! This is a prototype version, and this doesn't last long! However, the idea pleases me, so I will probably continue this prototype to make a full game!

Solve Puzzles And Win Nothing!

Hurray! Actually, this is just Sokoban, but I have some ideas I will implement in the future versions! In this game prototype, there is no plot, you're just a catgirl who solve puzzles in order to progress further into a 8bit world, in an awesome quest to win nothing!

I sincerely thanks Chris Maltby for his awesome software : GB Studio. Even if we are in an early version looking like a RPG Maker for Game Boy, this software is promising so far and I'm pretty sure it will be updated, which would be awesome!


Arrow keys or WASD to Move
J / Z / Alt to Interact

Compatible with Game Boy!

This prototype has been made with GBStudio, which means you can download a .gb file! Then, you can launch it from your favorite emulator or from a real Game Boy! \o/

Tags2D, 8-Bit, Game Boy, Retro, Top-Down
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Hi, and thanks for your interest!

Unzip the game whenver you want. You will find the files of the games. The one you need to launch if the one with the .gb format. Then, you can use an emulator like Visual Boy Advance in order to launch the .gb file.

If you do so, pro-tip! Don't forget to change the input at your convenience!

Hey, I want to play from my real Game Boy!

If you know what you do, you can insert the game into a real Gam Boy cartridge and launch it from a real Game Boy.  For you nerds, you'll need a cartridge of type MBC5+RAM+Battery. I can't guarantee the game will work with other types of cartridge, especially with the save function.

Pro-tip from the dev!

As said before, this game is a prototype. This is far from finished. You should play from an emulator before launch the game into a real Game Boy, especially if you have a low budget!


SPAWN for Game 37 kB
Version 2 May 31, 2019

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